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Class: What to Look For When You Buy a House

Brookline Adult and Community Center - 617-730-2674
Cambridge Center for Adult Education- 617-547-6789
Lexington Community Education - 781-862-8043

Course Description
Join Michael Atwell, owner of J. May Home Inspections and a licensed Construction Superviser, and learn from photos of homes you'll be glad you never bought. Before your first walk-through, you'll be able to recognize hidden "features " that the real estate agent will never extol (or even mention)! Train yourself to spot the signs of wet basements, termites, leaky roofs, amateur repairs, and problems in heating and plumbing systems. Learn what to expect from a "real " home inspection. Some caution and thought can prevent future disappointments or ending up with a "money pit. "

Curriculum Outline
  • Demonstration of Inspection Tools and Instruments
  • Inspection Tips
  • How to Choose a Home Inspector
  • Questions for the Potential Home Inspector
  • What Does a Home Inspection Cost?
  • Other Reports You May be Wondering About (asbestos, termite, buried oil tank, lead paint, mold, radon, UFFI)
  • What Do You Do With the Home Inspection Report?
  • Slides of Home Conditions

Class: Look at a House with an Inspector's Eye

Boston Center for Adult Education - 617-267-4430

Course Description
If you don't know the problem signs to look for when viewing a property, homebuying can cost more than you bargained for. Train yourself to walk through a building with a home inspector's eye! Learn how to spot the signs of wet basements, termites, amateur repairs, moisture problems, and much, much more. A licensed home inspector and contractor will show you hundreds of slides taken from real-life home disasters. See what to expect from an actual home inspection, and save yourself a houseload of hassles!


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  Class Comments
  • "Instructor had many good examples and slides based on real-life cases."

  • "...good interaction with students and structured cases like 'detective stories'."

  • "highly entertaining and informative

  • "...affable, good-natured manner of the instructor, who appeared to be a leader in the field of home inspection...this course is a keeper!"