Homes have become increasingly expensive and their systems more and more complicated. People are concerned about maintaining their homes and protecting their investment.

Several years ago I received a call from a physicist at MIT, “ I don’t know the first thing about this house; I need someone to come over and tell me what I should do to take care of it.”

Another called to say, “ We know we tend to focus on cosmetic items and we’re wondering if there are more important things we should be paying attention to.”

Since then I have been contacted by many homeowners and condominium associations who wish to plan for the future by getting an independent opinion on the condition of the property. Some property owners wish to know how best to prioritize maintenance and repairs, some want a general check-up, and others seek an objective opinion on repairs recommended by service providers (“Do we really need a whole new roof?” asked one owner.).

In one such case, a client contacted a Contractor to get an estimate for painting her exterior wood shingle siding. He persuaded her that all the shingles were in such poor condition they couldn’t be painted and would need to be replaced. He estimated the new siding and painting at $78,000.00! Other than some peeling paint, and minor damage to a few shingles, they were perfectly fine red cedar shingles, and replacing them was completely unnecessary!

Prices for these consults are generally less than a full Home Inspection. Fees vary depending on the size of the property, whether the owner requests a full inspection or something more narrow in scope, and whether they require a written report or choose (as many do) to take their own notes from our conversations on site.

If you are looking for an independent, objective opinion on the condition of your property from someone who is not trying to sell you anything, please contact J. May Home Inspections.