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Our Feedback

9/22/2022 – David Gale

When we first met in person he had me in awe as I saw him on the roof with no ladder in sight (turned out it was around back). You would think having started at the roof things could only go down from here, but not with Mike. He started on the roof then raised the home inspecting bar. He left even my jack-of- all-trades dad saying “this guy knows his stuff.” More importantly he makes sure that by the time the inspection is over that you also know your stuff with regards to the home. He was able to to address all of the issues we saw and call attention to issues we missed. Each issue also came with an explanation on how to properly address them or let them sit until the vent police come to town. The last thing I will add is that above all else, Mike provided assurance that we knew what we were going into beyond a mortgage payment. We may have to have him come out for another inspection after the issues are addressed just to get his stamp of approval.

8/8/2022 – Yaz Ramos

Michael, aka Ninja as we love to call him, provided astounding services to the two homes we wanted him to inspect. He is very professional, knowledgeable and thorough. He is very pleasant and honest and shows that he loves the work he does to bring 100% to his customers so they know and are aware of the home they are purchasing. We would recommend him to anyone, you will not be disappointed. His prices are affordable and reasonable compared to the market.

3/6/2022 – Lorene Dangelo

I’ve hired Mike Atwell three times. He is and will be my go-to for home inspection because nobody does it better. He crawls underground, in between, up and over and through to give you the most comprehensive inspection I’ve ever experienced. He’s honest and trustworthy and I simply won’t use anyone else. He’s saved me from purchasing a bad house and I will forever be grateful. Thank you Mike!

8/19/2022 – Adam Holdaway

Mike was amazing. His report was detailed and well organized. His knowledge is unsurpassed and shed light on many topics I would have otherwise overlooked. He is also an honest individual to boot- Nice to see these days. Thanks for all you do!

“Mike did a phenomenal job of helping us inspect our first time home purchase (post purchase inspection in a sellers’ market). He was very thorough and made sure inexperienced home owners like us understood the issues and how to fix them by explaining in a simple manner . He spent many hours inspecting the property and was very professional. He made sure he categorized the issues he found in a way that would be easy for us to target what to fix outright and what to fix over the time or keep an eye on. We would highly recommend Mike!”

U.B., Cambridge 6/2021

“Highly recommend Michael Atwell of J May Home Inspections. Before I found Michael I was beyond stressed about my first condo purchase. I was concerned about the condo and wanted to make certain I was finding the best inspector. My realtor was pushing his inspector on me, who I didn’t want out of conflict of interest concern. Instead I did my own research. I looked for certified individuals with extensive experience – and that’s how I came across Michael. From the moment I contacted him, he truly listened to and addressed all of my concerns. I immediately knew I found the right person for the job. Michael communicated everything clearly and patiently every step of the way. He was extremely detail oriented, not only explaining history of building/construction materials, but explained potential foreseeable issues- even if it wasn’t major or likely. Michael covers it all. Every detail mattered to him, as if he were doing the inspection on his own home. Michael is very thoughtful in his delivery and explanations. He truly wants to equipped you with any and all information you need to make a well informed decision. Michael is a true professional not only in his work but also in his interactions. For Example: From the very beginning he disclosed the amount of time the inspection would take, which was 3 hours. I was thrilled when I heard the duration because to me that meant a thorough job would be executed. I gave sufficient days notice to my realtor on how long the inspection would take and they agreed no problem. On the day of the inspection, as it progressed, the realtor grew noticeably impatient and rude towards myself and Michael…The realtors attitude was sincerely not justifiable whatsoever as they were included and informed of the entirety of the process. Michael did not let the realtor phase him. Michael remained incredibly professional from beginning to end. What you can expect with Michael: Highly knowledgeable, skilled, personable, true expert. You can trust completely that he will do his due diligence. Michael provides a well written thought out detailed report of his findings for your reference. He encourages you to review and reach out to him if you have any questions. Michael knew this was my first home purchase and even provided me an owners manual at the end of the inspection. I appreciate the gesture and further demonstrates his dedication for me to succeed. I would honestly be shocked if there were anyone better than Michael. Beyond happy and satisfied! Highly recommend!”
D.W., Quincy

“Mike was incredibly helpful during the home inspection. He not only pointed out issues diligently, he also took the time to educate me on what questions to ask, how things worked, and how to best maintain the property. Would definitely work with Mike again!”
S.H., Cambridge 4/2021

“We needed several home inspections and re-inspections and in each case we were extremely satisfied with the work. We worked with Mike who was very thorough, offered his suggestions and advice, worked quickly to turn around the report, and followed up with us on open items. We can’t say enough about how pleased we were with the service!”
R.M.,  Dorchester  3/2021

“We are purchasing a home and Mike completed a home inspection for us. He was extremely thorough and took detailed notes. After the inspection, he promptly provided us with a report on his findings so that we may address those with the seller. He is professional, efficient, personable and extremely knowledgeable. I would most definitely hire him again and recommend to anyone needing the best in the business.
M.H., Tolland  2/2021

“I can never thank you enough for saving me from certain disaster! Clearly the owners’ inspector didn’t relay enough of the damage to them to help them understand that they should never have bought that house at all, even though it is as beautiful as any pastoral painting. I’m just extremely grateful to you that you saved me from the predicament they are in now.” L.H. Lunenburg

“Mike was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. He was professional, polite, and informative when scheduling on the phone. He arrived at the inspection early and reviewed every inch of the property THOROUGHLY. He was incredibly knowledgeable, and he shared his knowledge with us in a very articulate and clear way. His attention to detail was impeccable. He was also great showing the builder the items he expressed concern with and helped us talk with the builder about practical adjustments. He gave us a report right away and a wonderfully informative “How To Operate Your Home” book. I would definitely recommend him and I plan to have him come back periodically, to check the house and give us upkeep suggestions.” C.G Newton

“Mike is not only highly competent, but he is also the consummate professional. For the first time home-buyer, the entire home buying process can be quite daunting. Having Mike on my side made the process much less stressful. Mike is diligent, thorough, very detailed, and also by nature an educator who explains how a house operates in scientific terms that can be easily understood by a layperson. He really cares that you understand how a house works. He is clearly DEDICATED to the home inspection profession. I HIGHLY recommend him!” S.P. Weymouth

“You’re a solid reminder of what professionalism and integrity are all about. I was delighted with the care you took at my house and thank you wholeheartedly. I hope you can make it to the housewarming.” D.S. West Roxbury

“Mike Atwell was super! I can’t say enough good things about my experience. He was early and already looking around the outside of the house when I arrived. He explained everything very clearly and answered every question I had about the property. He was also very thorough. This home inspection cost more than the one we had three years ago, but it was well worth it!” S.E. Roslindale

“Thank you again for the excellent home inspection. As first time home buyers, we have found the process of finding a home challenging and at times quite stressful. We were therefore relieved to have this piece go so well, working with a professional whom we could trust and who was knowledgeable and patient.” J.A. Watertown

“Best, most insightful home inspection I’ve ever had completed. Great help in understanding how systems operate as well as needed repairs and improvements to consider.” B.D. Brookline

“Thanks again for doing such a thorough home inspection. It was unnerving to find all the things wrong with our new condo, but your report served us well in our negotiations and with plans to fix all the issues. We will happily recommend you to anyone.” D.O. Watertown

“I just wanted to thank you for being so awesome during this process. You have gone way above and beyond the services you were hired to do and I appreciate how often you have been available to us. Your work during the home inspection was both thorough and comforting, equally important during this stressful process. Is there something we can do for you? Do you have client testimonials or could we send you something to provide to future potential clients? Or can we just have you over for our housewarming party?” Colette S., Jamaica Plain

“I strongly recommend J. May Home Inspections. We had three properties inspected by Michael Atwell when we bought our first house last year. He was thorough, explained everything he was doing, and gave us first-time buyers a good walk-through of the property. We had an excellent experience with this company.” J.R., Arlington

“…You did an amazing job, and above all you taught us things we never would have known. Thank you for your patience, your thoroughness, and your kindness. We will be sure to recommend you to anyone we know purchasing a home.” C.M. and B.M., Brookline

“Mike did an excellent job throughout the entire inspection. He has wealth of knowledge. We asked a zillion questions, but he never made us feel rushed or stupid. He is a professional with a kind disposition and obviously takes pride in his work.” A.G. Stoneham

“Dear Mike, After moving in and having the luxury of spending some time in the house, I keep looking for things you might have missed, but I just can’t find any. Thanks!” T.H., Cambridge

“The inspection of our future home yesterday was incredible. Michael was beyond our expectations. He was friendly, funny and quite informed. He was especially good at providing information without judgment or alarm. We feel that we know what we are getting into, and thanks to Michael, we understand where we need to begin.
Thanks again for everything!” L. R., Somerville

“I have had other inspectors on other properties in the past with whom I have been satisfied, but I found your knowledge and explanations to be exemplary in every respect. It was quite clear that you were not only working through a checklist to identify areas of concern, but also using your considerable knowledge and powers of inference to deduce the causes of damage and the appropriate repairs.” James F., Sudbury, MA.

“We’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you for doing such a superb inspection of our home… Buying a home is certainly a big investment and it was nice to have someone who really took the time to look it over and make appropriate suggestions. We really got a lot out of it and would highly recommend your services to other potential buyers!” Marianne and Bill H., Needham, MA.

“We couldn’t have asked for anyone more thorough – I was extremely impressed with all the devices you used (and created yourself!) to poke around, see up and around and into things, and give as in-depth an evaluation as possible. Not only did you do your not-so-routine inspection, you also gave all kinds of advice and information about the ‘workings’ of our new home, which, considering this is our first home, was invaluable to us. Your curiosity and sense of humor were much appreciated in what could have been a very stressful event.” Amy S., Roslindale, MA.

“Thank you for your excellent service. You inspected the condo with the highest level of thoroughness. I also appreciated all your in-depth explanations of what you were investigating. Hats off to you and your team.” Sara B from Princeton, N.J.

“Your reports were invaluable; they drew our attention to several problems, many of which we were able to persuade the developer to address…wonderful work…trustworthy…reliable source of information…professional, courteous, and friendly…much appreciated during this stressful time.” Karen K. and Paul S., Cambridge, MA.

“…by far the most informative inspection I’ve been at!” P.A., Roslindale, MA.

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