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Below are excerpts of narratives from some of our inspection reports.

Examples of “Items not Operating or with Major Deficiencies”

“ As there is no heat to the third floor bathrooms, and these have exterior walls, there is the possibility of a freeze-up if you go away and leave the thermostat too low. Similarly, the entry hall at the front has a single baseboard that could freeze in extremely cold weather, if the thermostat is too low. Monitor these rooms and keep the bathroom doors open when away.”

“ The chimney for the boilers and water heaters has collapsed and has been braced, as has a second chimney that is leaning. Open brick joints were noted at second chimney. Consult with mason for cost of repairs/re-building.”

“ The electrical system is in need of updating: there are exposed live wires and Edison bases in the panel (that was previously a fused-neutral panel). I recommend installation of additional circuits, new breaker panel, GFI outlets as required for new construction (bathroom, kitchen, garage, exterior, and basement), additional outlets and three-prong, grounded outlets (to replace the two-prong). Secure loose grounding at water main and install water meter jumper. Eliminate live wires at right egress: install lighting as needed.”

“ There is characteristic cedar extractive staining under several windows most probably due to water entry at the upper, (horizontal) window trim, where drip cap flashings were omitted. This type of moisture will cause paint peeling, and ultimately, may cause concealed sheathing decay. Be sure to install proper cap flashings that shed water away from the window trim. Also check door flashings for proper slope and flow.”

Examples of “List of Items Requiring Repair or Replacement Within Next Five Years” The water heater at any time.

Improve attic insulation and ventilation.

Replace basement windows.

Examples of “Miscellaneous Minor Repairs and Expenses During the First Year of Occupancy” Install back-flow preventer at boiler.

Seal water-heater vent at the chimney breach.

Seal open trap at basement stack.

Lower the grade a few inches at rear (foundation) and install retaining wall for soil.